Equitable and Inclusive Design Repository

I contributed to the curation of a Design Repository that collects examples of different content, pedagogies, and learning assessments/activities from a variety of design lenses and equitable educational practices. These examples are designed to help faculty and other design stakeholders see how Equity and Inclusion can be implemented in various online learning environments.

Three LXD residents, including myself, helped migrate the existing repository to a new platform instance, and used our knowledge of the Michigan Online catalog to add new examples. Since I have expertise in the Teach-Out space, I focused on bringing Teach-Out examples to the repository. This work allowed me to Contribute to Resources that will aid in the overall equity of learning experiences at U-M, allowed me to Apply Knowledge of Instructional Design and Technology Affordances, as I was able to use my Teach-Out expertise and knowledge of equitable design lenses, and allowed me to demonstrate an understanding Design Principles, Practices, and Guidelines as represented in the examples I contributed to the repository.

Three of the design examples I created in the Equitable and Inclusive Design Repository.