Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

Maxwell, J., Gorecki, K., Henyard, R., & Morse, B. A. B. (2022). Centering Justice in Content Development: A Case Study of the Police Brutality Teach-Out. In C. Ivory & A. Paisha (Eds.), Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice. Chicago: Association of College & Research Libraries.

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Conference Publications

Maxwell, J and Rusk, F, A Library Peer Mentor Program to Support Student Learning, Career Futures, and a Reference Services Transformation (2022). LOEX Conference Proceedings 2022. 13.

Invited Presentations

Library Support for Literature and Systematic Reviews. Invited Panelist. Rutgers University Library Scholarly & Professional Activities Committee. May 2023.

Implementing Anti-Racist and Diversity Practices in Academic Work Outside the Classroom. Invited Panelist. Rutgers School of Social Work Doctoral Association on Anti-Racism. March 2023.

Using OER to Promote Social Justice. Invited Panelist.  University of West Georgia Libraries. November 2022.

Navigating Dis- and Misinformation: Tips for Everyday Life on the Internet. Invited Speaker. Oakland Livingston Human Service All-Agency Training Day. Online. October 2022.

Conference Presentations and Workshop

Maxwell, J. Evidence Synthesis Support Services in the Social Sciences: Teaching and Guiding Researchers toward Quality Methods through Structured Support. Poster. Rutgers State of the Libraries. New Brunswick, NJ. May 2023.

Gatten, A., Maxwell, J., and Emenike, M. Ethical Scholarship Across the Disciplines: In-class activities to promote academic integrity and develop students’ information literacy. Workshop. Rutgers Active Learning Symposium. New Brunswick, NJ. May 2023.

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Non-Refereed Electronic Publications

Book Reviews published at ALA Booklist

Maxwell, J. (2020). How Undergraduates Evaluate Sources | U-M Library. Tiny Studies: Stories and Reflections from U-M Library Assessment Practitioners.

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