I’m a creative-turned-academic and recent MS in Information grad from the University of Michigan School of Information, where I focused on digital curation, UX, and library science. While at the UM School of Information, I was able to teach four times as a graduate student instructor, was a learning analytics researcher at the University of Michigan Library, and spent time at Harvard Library as a Digital Strategy and Innovation graduate intern.
At present, I work at the UM Center for Academic Innovation as a Design Management Fellow and Learner Experience Design Resident, helping with Teach-Outs and many other open learning projects. I’m getting a second master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology at the UM School of Education so that I can complement my strong technical skills when working in innovative learning spaces. My goal is to work at the intersection of information science, design thinking, and teaching and learning in a higher education space.

I hope to use my degrees and experiences to help underprivileged learners, aiding them in accessing digital and library tools and developing academic confidence within majority-privileged academic spaces. I’m also interested in using my skills to help create lifelong learning mentalities in diverse communities, regardless of experience in higher education.

I was formerly a professional performer, and hold a bachelor’s degree in musical theatre. After life in Ohio, New York City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Boston, I arrived in my current home of Ann Arbor.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, cooking plant-based meals, working with textiles, reading, singing, and hanging out with my cat! I’m also a passionate and experienced mental health and educational equity advocate, and allow those perspectives to inform my everyday work and life.