Police Brutality In America: Leading Learner Engagement

This project led to a chapter publication in Using Open Educational Resources to Promote Social Justice, published by Association of College Research Libraries.

The decision tree for questionable or confrontational comments that facilitators may encounter in the Teach-Out.

In response to the continuing efforts to dismantle systemic racism and violence in America, the University of Michigan launched the Police Brutality in America Teach-Out, which is a global open learning experience surrounding the roots of police brutality, ways in which Black Americans are disproportionately affected, and how communities can take action to prevent police violence.

As the Graduate Fellow for Design Management at the UM Center for Academic Innovation, I led the learner engagement strategy plan for this Teach-Out, and the execution of that plan. This involved coordinating engagement initiatives and support resources for faculty experts, designing learning experiences within the discussion forums, preparing for divisive or confrontational conversations occurring within the Teach-Out platform, and organizing and training facilitators to moderate and engage with learners within the learning space.

This experience has been immensely fulfilling, and demonstrates a passion for creating learning experiences that facilitate justice.